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Soba Noodle Stir-Fry

Each time I go to the market I get overly excited to buy fresh produce. Kind of like a child at a candy store. Everything is so colorful and my attention is everywhere. Colors. Textures. Taste. That’s mostly why I love making Asian inspired recipes, not only you get a wonderful flavor, but you also enjoy a diversity of textures. Also, who doesn’t like looking at a bright spread of fresh produce?


Thanks why when I crafted this dish, I decided to make something that will be bright and tasty. I had some soba noodles and decided: “why not a stir-fry?”. Quick and easy recipes like stir fries always remind me of my mother. She used to work a lot, but never stopped cooking for my family, that’s where this recipe comes from, -like many others-, from my mom. “Asian noodle stir-fry with whatever is in the fridge”.


  • Bean sprouts
  • Carrots
  • Red peppers
  • Bok choy
  • Ginger
  • Mint
  • Cilantro
  • 3 Tablespoons of soy sauce
  • 1 Tablespoon of fish sauce
  • 1 Tablespoon of sesame oil
  • 1 Lime
  • 2 Cloves of garlic or tender garlic
  • Heat: fresh chillies or sriracha sauce (optional)
  • 1 Medium chicken breast (optional)
  • 90gr of Buckwheat soba noodles




Begin by boiling the soba noodles with a pinch of salt, they usually take between 8-10 minutes to boil in high heat. You can opt to use any kind of noodle you like: ramen or udon, I opted for soba.

In a wok (or pan) sautee the garlic and ginger with the tablespoon of sesame oil until golden. Sautee the chicken as well, if you’re doing a vegetarian version, skip the chicken part! Add the soy sauce and the fish sauce. Don’t be terribly disgusted by the smell of the fish sauce, it’s totally normal! The first time I used fish sauce, my mother thought I was going to poison her, but that’s just the smell of it. Add the lime and the rest of the veggies. Once they’re al dente add the soba noodles and mixed quickly. Remove from heat. Top with mint and cilantro, and you’re done!

Serve and enjoy.

_MG_4136 _MG_4140


And that’s it! This recipe will seriously take you about 10-15 minutes to make. So it’s perfect for a quick dinner or lunch during a busy day!

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