Month: May 2018


Summer is almost here and so are the seafood-heavy dishes. Enter fideuá. Similar to paella but with pasta instead of rice. Here’s what you’ll need to make fideuá:  

Thai Red Curry Veggie Soup

This can also be called “empty your fridge” soup. There are a few things I always have in my kitchen/fridge: curry paste (red or green), sesame oil, fish sauce, limes, and ginger. You can’t really do much with these ingredients on their own but they sure make a great base. For any curry. So on Sunday afternoon when I was feeling lazy AF and trapped in my house because of cloudy weather, I decided to make a cozy soup with everything I had in my fridge. Lucky me, I had a good base.

Pulled pork steamed buns

Long time no blog. As of recently a few of my friends and colleagues have pointed out that I haven’t updated this place in a while. Sorry, been to busy eating and not documenting it. Also, “I just don’t have time anymore”. Queue the eye roll. I decided to make time; I’m currently on a train to Madrid writing this. Hooray, prioritization! Efficiency! It seems like my sporadic blogging days are over. But whatever, let’s talk food.  The other night Marc and I went to our favorite East Asian supermarket. We originally went to buy edamame and sauces to make an uninspired stir-fry. That was when we saw the frozen food aisle. It had frozen bao buns. Immediately a Gua bao craving came over us and we decided to take a crack at making them. It’s quite easy really–you just have to steam them! And honestly, making bao buns from scratch is not on my calendar at the moment. If I ruined the fantasy, just imagine I made them. To go with the buns we made pulled pork …