Month: August 2020

Sweet Potato Hash

Since March my eating habits have changed drastically. Blame it on the pseudo-Texan lockdown or the world being upside down, but I now tend to get hungry after 11 am. Brunch territory is a place I love so I’m always trying to keep interesting, even if I’m making a loved staple such as Sweet Potato Hash.

Buffalo cauliflower—feta, zaatar, yogurt dipping sauce

I never really cared for buffalo sauce until I moved back to the US. Enter these buffalo cauliflower bites. I’ve always liked wings and I love tangy, tart, acidic flavors. I add lime to my lime Topo Chico or my grapefruit lacroix. I used to eat limes as a kid as they are. So when I was oddly craving buffalo anything I just surrendered to the craving and made it. Here it is.

How I Use Cooking & Baking as a Mindful Meditation Tool in 2 Steps

Cooking and baking connect all of the senses, you just have to notice how it happens. They offer us an opportunity for us to coach the mind to be present. If you learn how to cook mindfully, cooking can be a tool of mindful meditation. I’ve practiced mindful meditation consistently for the better part of 5 years. I’ve also done several mediation immersions. One, a 1-week meditation immersion guided by Madonna McManus, who holds a Ph.D. in Cancer Biology and Experimental Therapeutics and several other meditation immersions through apps like Waking Up, HeadSpace, and Calm, in addition to daily asanas. A little background on mindful meditation According to Wikipedia, mindfulness is the psychological process of purposely bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment without judgment which one develops through the practice of meditation. Some of the benefits of mindful meditation Mindful meditation is proven to improve focus, reduce stress and irritability, and creates neuroplasticity (the creation of neuropathways in the brain). For me, the biggest benefit of mindful meditation is the creation of Neuroplasticity. …

Sohla’s sticky buns but with a pistachio almond filling

For almost a year now, I’ve been platonically in love with Sohla El-Waylly. Especially Sohla’s sticky buns recipe. There is something about the fearlessness in her approach to cooking that inspires me to be my best self. She is always encouraging the viewers of the youtube videos she’s in to “not let the dough boss you around” and her attitude towards tempering chocolate is something to admire, “it’s “nothing to fear!” A few months ago I decided to make dosas, heavily inspired by her thorough guide on serious eats and my interest in fermentation. So I made dosas. I had a little accident (my dosa batch exploded) so I dared ask Sohla via DMs. Long story short, she gave me some pointers and I ended up giving myself food poisoning. This was totally my fault…I learned the hard way that recipes are not suggestions, especially when it comes to fermenting legumes.