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Plate of green beans with almonds, lemon zest, and cotija cheese.

Almond Green Beans with Lemon Zest and Cotija Cheese

This past Saturday I went to Houston’s Urban Harvest Farmer’s market. Something I haven’t done in a while and it was a real pleasure. Getting there early, grabbing a coffee at the first booth, and browsing all the fresh produce, and talking with the farmers about what’s good this week. Among the bounty I purchased was: green beans, fresh radishes, rainbow carrots, delicata squash, fresh herbs, and eggs.

Creamed Mushroom Phyllo Pie

Creamed Mushroom Phyllo Pie

Sometimes I get random dish ideas. They stay in my mind until I make them. If not, they become an obsession that borderlines on torture. I don’t know what it is. The yogis call this Bhakti, devotion. Anyway, I don’t think it’s a form of devotion because sometimes it feels like the obsession will drive me insane and I will see no peace. Until I create the damn thing. So anyway, here it is. Creamed Mushroom Phyllo Pie. I used shiitake, oyster, and portobello with a mix of baby kale and baby spinach. Here’s the recipe.

Tofu Bánh mì sandwich with cilantro

Crispy Tofu Bánh mì

The other night I woke up from some type of fever dream. I can’t remember what it was. And I don’t know if I was, in reality, worrying about things that are going on in my life or I just had to pee. After 20ish minutes of attempting to meditate, I figured I should just stay up and… think about things. So I thought about Bánh mì. Maybe it’s cause it has daikon, and daikon makes me happy. But I don’t have meat (I try mainly buy meat for specific recipes which I buy fresh so I don’t tend to keep meat in the fridge or freezer). But I don’t have baguette bread. Or mayo. So Crispy Tofu Bánh mì on ciabatta bread it is. Here’s the recipe. Crispy tofu Bánh mì on ciabatta bread recipe For the tofu 3 slides of firm tofu, pressed to remove moisture (about 150 grams) 1 tablespoon sesame oil 1 teaspoon cayene pepper 1 teaspoon salt Tofu method Press the firm tofu slices in kitchen towels to remove the …

Guajillo Cashew Queso

This Guajillo Cashew Queso is to die for. One day I randomly bought a bag of Guajillo chiles. So I’ve been experimenting with them in so many different ways. If you’re not familiar with Guajillo chiles, they’re the dried form of Marisol Chiles. Similar to how Chipotle is the dried form of Jalapaños. Now, I am simply obsessed with this Guajillo Cashew Queso. It’s not hard to make, just takes time. And you most likely won’t be able to tell it’s completely vegan. For a 1-minute video recipe, click here. Guajillo Cashew Queso Recipe 2 dried guajillo peppers 1 white onion cut in quarters (about 1 cup) 3 small potatoes cut in chunks (about 1 cup) 1 cup of soaked cashews 3 cups of filtered water 1 tbsp of harissa paste 1 teaspoon of kosher salt 1 teaspoon of cornstarch Method In a pot over medium-high heat, add filtered water, dried chiles, onions, and potatoes and bring to a boil. When everything is soft, remove the stems (optional to remove the seeds, I like them!) …

No-Bake, No Guilt Chocolate Fudge

This no-guilt chocolate fudge is so delicious and decadent. It also happens to be gluten-free and vegan. It has a tasty aromatic flavor and doesn’t have a strange after taste. I’m usually against gimmicky recipes like “no guilt” anything because I firmly believe that small pleasures in life should not be shameful. No-Bake, No Guilt Chocolate Fudge Recipe 1/2 cup crushed toasted almonds 8oz. bittersweet chocolate chips (at least 60% cacao in order for the fudge to set properly) 1 ripe avocado (about 2 cups) 1/2 cup pure maple syrup 1/2 cup almond butter 2 tbsp. cocoa powder 1/2 tsp. kosher salt 1 tsp cardamom powder 1 tsp almond extract Flaky sea salt 4 tbsp iced water Method Place chocolate chips in a ceramic bowl and microwave in 30-second bursts, stirring well between each, until melted and smooth, 1–1½ minutes. Allow it to cool. Spray a 9×5″ pan with nonstick spray. Line with plastic wrap, leaving plenty of overhang on 2 sides (the spray will help it stick to the pan). In a food processor, …