Year: 2018

Eats All Around: A newsletter by me (Ella Quien Come!)

Hello everyone! I’m going to try and keep this quick. This post is about the newsletter I’ve just launched. My life has changed SO much in the past month. I now live in Houston, Texas, most of my routine has drastically changed, and my cooking flavors are wildly different (I’m exploring more Tex-Mex vibes now!). To be honest, I’ve been feeling lazy AF so the blog and my overall creative process has been suffering. I’ve needed somewhere to channel all of that energy, so I created a food newsletter.   I know you don’t come here to read about my personal life and you’re here for the food, so rest assured I got you. Instead of updating the blog once a month (riiight), I’ve opted to start a bi-weekly newsletter where I share short recipes and other food stories. Would this be something that is of interest to you?


Summer is almost here and so are the seafood-heavy dishes. Enter fideuá. Similar to paella but with pasta instead of rice. Here’s what you’ll need to make fideuá:  

Thai Red Curry Veggie Soup

This can also be called “empty your fridge” soup. There are a few things I always have in my kitchen/fridge: curry paste (red or green), sesame oil, fish sauce, limes, and ginger. You can’t really do much with these ingredients on their own but they sure make a great base. For any curry. So on Sunday afternoon when I was feeling lazy AF and trapped in my house because of cloudy weather, I decided to make a cozy soup with everything I had in my fridge. Lucky me, I had a good base.

Pulled pork steamed buns

Long time no blog. As of recently a few of my friends and colleagues have pointed out that I haven’t updated this place in a while. Sorry, been to busy eating and not documenting it. Also, “I just don’t have time anymore”. Queue the eye roll. I decided to make time; I’m currently on a train to Madrid writing this. Hooray, prioritization! Efficiency! It seems like my sporadic blogging days are over. But whatever, let’s talk food.  The other night Marc and I went to our favorite East Asian supermarket. We originally went to buy edamame and sauces to make an uninspired stir-fry. That was when we saw the frozen food aisle. It had frozen bao buns. Immediately a Gua bao craving came over us and we decided to take a crack at making them. It’s quite easy really–you just have to steam them! And honestly, making bao buns from scratch is not on my calendar at the moment. If I ruined the fantasy, just imagine I made them. To go with the buns we made pulled pork …

Lazy pizzas on a Friday night

I love cooking. It’s always something I look forward to every day. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, meriendas, dinner, snacks, drunk concoctions—you name it. So when I found myself craving pizza on a Wednesday night I decided to delay my pleasure until the weekend and make the pizzas then. Also, my fridge was empty and only had time to go shopping on Friday night. Wild. Ingredients: Toppings: Shiitake mushrooms Zucchini Onions Mozzarella cheese (grated) Crispy bacon Diced bacon Pre-made pizza dough (I’m lazy) For the sauce: Crushed tomatoes Garlic Dried cayenne peppers (2-3 depending your heat tolerance) Oregano (dried or fresh) Basil (dry or fresh) Salt & pepper Olive oil Method: Chop the vegetables very thin so they can bake quick, set aside. Fry the bacon until very crispy, set aside. For the sauce: Sautée crushed garlic and the dried cayenne peppers in olive oil until golden on a medium heat. Add oregano and basil. When the oil is very fragrant add the tomatoes. Mix. Leave the sauce on a low simmer, add salt and pepper to taste. …