Author: Joanne

Sohla’s sticky buns but with a pistachio almond filling

For almost a year now, I’ve been platonically in love with Sohla El-Waylly. Especially Sohla’s sticky buns recipe. There is something about the fearlessness in her approach to cooking that inspires me to be my best self. She is always encouraging the viewers of the youtube videos she’s in to “not let the dough boss you around” and her attitude towards tempering chocolate is something to admire, “it’s “nothing to fear!” A few months ago I decided to make dosas, heavily inspired by her thorough guide on serious eats and my interest in fermentation. So I made dosas. I had a little accident (my dosa batch exploded) so I dared ask Sohla via DMs. Long story short, she gave me some pointers and I ended up giving myself food poisoning. This was totally my fault…I learned the hard way that recipes are not suggestions, especially when it comes to fermenting legumes.

Spiced Plum Cake

I suffer from that syndrome Adam Driver has. The one where he rather walk out of an interview with Terry Gross because she played one of his movie clips. We’re literally the same. You know sans the millions and the devastatingly handsome jawline. I empathize with the feeling that comes from of reading or hearing my own creative work, which is errr just yikes. Whenever I do I feel like looking back opens a huge can of worms so I try to never read anything after I post it.

Fig & Peach Galette

In early 2019 I did a very turbulent apprenticeship at a bakery here in Houston that shall remain unnamed. There I discovered that professional kitchens aren’t for me. That’s because the whole hospitality and service industry in the U.S. is trash, but that’s beside the point. I learned how to make a bangin’ galette dough, though. The secret is apple cider vinegar. Ingredients: