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Apple Pie Pastelitos

My mom hosted the gnarliest girls night at home when I was a kid. To a five-year-old me, they were wild and insane. But now, in hindsight it was probably the only relaxation time she had with our family and her friends. It consisted in all of my aunts and their friends coming to the apartment and playing bingo. Also, some light gambling. I remember playing under the table while they gossiped about things I can’t remember or were beyond me. It was awesome. I remember feeling like a grown up (at 5!) just by being surrounded by the amazing women in my life. Also, my grandma was the fucking boss.

Often when they couldn’t play at home, they’d go to an underground bingo at the 181st subway station in Manhattan. My mom would take me with her when she couldn’t get one of my cousins or brothers to look after me. She doesn’t believe in baby sitters. So I would go there and hang out. But sitting down on a table wasn’t my thing. I would fidget and it was just terrible. I remember being restless and annoying so she’d leave me at the cafeteria with my brother’s godmother, Miriam. It’s the only place where I’d sit still. There, Miriam taught me how to make pastelitos. Pastelitos are pastry in the shape of small pockets. They’re also known as empanadas. Often filled with savory fillings such as chicken, beef, cheese, or sweet fillings like guayaba. I perfectly remember closing the little pockets with a plastic fork so vividly. My biggest responsibility in life at that moment: don’t let the filling spill. This memory came rushing to me as I was making these little hand pies on a Saturday afternoon, so I just had to share. Anyway, it’s fall! Time to bake pies nonstop, apple pie to be specific!

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Was That Really a Sabbatical? Baked Green Tomatoes and Why I Haven’t Been Blogging.

Well, now I am. I’ve been ‘off the blog grid’ for over a year now and I’ve finally come back, writing in English this time. Don’t know, I feel I express myself better in my native language.

So… Yeah, I’ve been absent. Busy. On a sabbatical. On a hiatus. Whatever you want to call it. But overall I’ve missed blogging, mostly because of my lack of time, but to be honest I really hate that saying; “Oh I don’t have time for that”, I think it’s because I’m a firm thinker that there is no such thing as “not having enough time” for something, to me that’s just an excuse to not do things… If you want to do something, make time for it… So, well, here I am making time. And I brought tomatoes.

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Postre navideño: pastel de cerezas y nutella.

Calorías, calorías, calorías; eso es la navidad, y no hay quien me diga que no. En esta época se permite todo y y me voy a dar gustazos porque sí. Este postre lo hice para la cena de noche buena, tenía más de una semana viendo cerezas en la frutería y siempre me llamaban la atención, también en casa se encontraba un bote de esos gigantes de Nutella y me dije a mí misma… ¿Por qué no? y aquí está, una tarta que está riquísima, no solo para navidad, para cualquier excusa de comer y mucho.

Antes que todo, les cuento que hice trampa, y mucha. La masa del pastel es pre-hecha comprada en el Mercadona la quise probar porque no me quería complicar demasiado con esto, ya que de cualquier forma iba a estar todo el día cocinando otras cosas.

Vale la pena, te ahorras mucho trabajo y está muy buena. De cualquier modo, si necesitan una receta para la masa, en esta receta pueden encontrarla: Pastel de Manzana en el campo.


  • 1 Taza y media de cerezas frescas, sin pepitas y cortadas en cuadritos.
  • 1/2 Taza de Nutella
  • 2 Cdas de Maicena
  • 1/3 Taza de azúcar moreno
  • 1 Cdta de extracto de vainilla
  • 2 Cdas de zumo de limón
  • La ralladura de medio limón
  • 1 Pizca de sal
  • 1 Huevo grande
Para barnizar el pastel:
  • 1 Huevo batido


  • Mezclar las cerezas con todos los ingredientes hasta tener un relleno con la textura similar a una sopa grumosa.
  • Poner la masa en un molde para pasteles enmantequillado.
  • Agregar el relleno al molde con la masa.
  • Cortar tiras de masa para hacer la capa de encima del pastel.
  • Tapar el pastel con las tiras de masa. Barnizar con el huevo batido.
  • Hornear por 25-30 mins a una temperatura de 350ºF


¡Y después solo queda disfrutar del pastel, con una copa de cava o champán!


¡Felices fiestas a todos!