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Tortilla de Calabacín (Summer Squash Frittata)

I’ve watched my Spanish mother-in-law make this enough times that I think I hacked the method.

I married into a Catalan family. Naturally, tortilla and pa amb tomàquet hold high regard in the culture echelon. I always thought I could make a decent tortilla until I tried my MIL’s tortilla. It’s always moist and kinda juicy. Perfectly balanced. Kinda caramelized and never burnt. I’ve tried to imitate it to no avail. However, I think I hacked the method for her tortilla de calabacín. The trick? Cook down the squash and onion in heaps of olive oil until it’s almost a slurp. I’ll show you.

I cooked down the squash and onion until nearly caramelized for about 20 minutes at medium to low heat. Mixing throughout to ensure that it didn’t cook unevenly. Between caramelizing, I beat the daylights out of 7 eggs and released most of my stress. You have to beat the eggs really fucking hard, if you’re not hitting the bowl and making noise, you’re doing wrong.

My toddler was hanging around so I just poured the eggs inside the mixture. Usually, you have to add the squash into the eggs but I was like whatever Imma do me.

I mixed everything up and then covered the tortilla so it would steam and cook evenly.

After it was mostly done, I flipped it and removed the heat. then served.

This tortilla de calabacín is kinda excellent for breakfast. It has a ton of veggies and is high in protein. 🙂 I’m going to spend a lot of time in Spain this summer, so I am ready to show my MIL my skillz.


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