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Rice Noodles and Sautéed Veggies Topped With a Poached Egg

I’m preparing for a trip to Japan. I haven’t read about protocols to keep in mind whenever I’m on the Japan Railway, or where I’m supposed to take off my shoes. Or how to say “Could you please show me where is the bathroom?”… I did watch that very interesting video about the history of Japan… I’m putting all my hope in live-translation-apps, and all of the Ramen bars I have saved on my Google Maps, the rest is up to my partner and that’s how things are. Another way I prepare for a trip is eating dishes from the cuisine of the country I’m travelling to. That’s how I ended up making this today.


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Orange Chicken and Sticky Brown Rice

Orange chicken is not one of the most famous recipes out there, that I’m aware of. It’s no secret that I love Asian cuisine. To avoid making an ignorant generalization, this includes Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, among other cuisines from other countries in the region… I always try to make sure my pantry is always stocked with ingredients that highlight these cultures, such as miso paste, soy sauce, fish sauce, bonito flakes. Also fresh produce like bok choy, cilantro, bean sprouts, lemongrass… For me, it’s like taking a little trip every time I take the time to prepare myself a delicious plate of food. Or when I’m cooking for my friends or my partner. It’s something that I really love and enjoy. Perhaps one day I can go through my pantry and show you guys my favorite ingredients, would you be into that? Let me know in the comments or tweet me at @possiblyjoanne!

One of my favorite things of this type of cuisine is the predominant use of fresh produce it conveys. It can be so inspiring! That’s why this dish that I’m sharing today was a bit uninspiring to make. I’ll elaborate a bit more: I’ve just come back home from a trip to Paris with my partner and we came home to an empty fridge. The only things I had that would make good use for a hearty lunch was: frozen chicken, oranges, and ginger. My pantry was stocked, of course. No hassle there. So I thought “Hell! Why not reinvent a french dish I enjoyed in Paris, duck l’orange and just make… Japanese orange chicken?” I don’t know. Somehow it made sense in my mind and I went with it. But I needed something that would make everything a bit tastier. Some sticky brown rice is always perfect for this kind of dish. And I will say, the outcome sure was delicious. And here it is, Orange chicken and sticky rice.

First, I’ll explain to you guys how I made this sticky rice.

sticky rice

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Salmon Glazed with Miso, Wrapped in Swiss Chard

So, I got beautiful salmon fillets at the market this morning…

And swiss chard is in season! So it’s time to get people who don’t like eating leafy greens, eating them! I always try to develop and create new ways to make leafy (and usually boring) greens tastier. This is where the Japanese ingredients and salmon comes in. My boyfriend (and food guinea pig) is an adult child and really hates greens, so, challenge accepted. Game on.

IMG_7082 IMG_7084

So that’s how I came up with the idea of miso glazed salmon fillets wrapped in swiss chard. I try to always keep Japanese ingredients like miso paste, rice vinegar and soy sauce in my pantry. They’re a must. Not only because I love those flavors but also because it’s a kind of diversity I enjoy having at least once a week (Spanish food can get boring after a while).

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Soba Noodle Stir-Fry

Each time I go to the market I get overly excited to buy fresh produce. Kind of like a child at a candy store. Everything is so colorful and my attention is everywhere. Colors. Textures. Taste. That’s mostly why I love making Asian inspired recipes, not only you get a wonderful flavor, but you also enjoy a diversity of textures. Also, who doesn’t like looking at a bright spread of fresh produce?


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What the pho is that?

These past few days there has been only one type of weather in Barcelona: cloudy. Gloomy and grey. For that reason, it has made me want to eat soup all of the time. I blame my heritage. My parents are Dominican and they sure love their soups and stews on rainy days, even if the weather is perpetually hot in the island. As soon as there’s a cloud in the sky it’s time to whip out the sancocho. Sancocho is a type of stew with meats and starchy vegetables. It is very hearty and it goes accompanied by rice, avocado and a sour element that can be bitter orange vinegar or limes. Oh, and hot sauce. Because I’m so used to eating this on rainy days, every time it’s cloudy I need some kind of soup! I wanted ramen to begin with, but only had udon noodles at hand. Then I thought… udon soup! But didn’t have the base for it.

I consider myself a very resourceful person in the sense that I can make tasty food with whatever I have in the fridge. And that is exactly what I did here. I made a delicious udon soup with a pho base, so it’s basically a pho, right? I don’t even know. Help me. What started as a random soup ended up as a full on Japanese and Vietnamese ingredient fusion that tastes amazing! My apologies to the people who think these ingredients must only be eaten within the boundaries of the cuisine they’re from, but I politely disagree.   Continue reading

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El holy grail de la resaca: Yoshino y su menú libre de comida asiática.

Empieza un nuevo año y ahora es que me doy cuenta que este blog cumplió 1 año hace una semana… Entre fiestas, visitas y turisteo lo he tenido un poco botado, pero ya estoy de regreso prometo no volver a abandonar el blog de esa forma.

Hace unos meses descubrí un restaurante japonés que tiene un menú libre de comida asiática, es el holy grail de las resacas y los antojos, en mi caso, ambos. Para mí no hay mejor comida de resaca que un buen restaurante de comida asiática (o china, whatever) con mucha comida grasienta, sushi y sopas que reconfortan el alma.

Aquí mis recomendaciones:

Sopa miso, edamame y ensalada de wakame (algas):

Empanadillas de verduras y carne:

Sashimi variado (salmón y atún):

Gambas fritas:

Y arroz al curry, ¡buenísimo!

El restaurante va de esta forma, te dan un menú y un papel donde apuntas todo lo que quieres, te puedes repetir cuantas veces desees, aunque los meseros te miren -obviamente juzgándote por gordo- , al final pagas 13€ (no incluye bebidas). El menú consta de muchísimos tipos de entradas y platos fuertes, entre ellos: dumplings (empanadillas), tallarines (udon, lo mein), arroces, sashimi, sushi variado y “makis”(que pueden ver un poco en la foto de arriba), los ‘makis’ no los recomiendo porque no son muy tradicionales y a mí no me gustan para nada.

Este lugar me encanta ir de resaca o de esos días que quiero hacer de morsa y comer hasta que me salga arroz por los oídos, no es excelente pero es muy bueno en relación calidad-precio. Si les interesa más sobre este lugar pueden mirar su página de TripAdvisor.