Eats All Around: A newsletter by me (Ella Quien Come!)

Hello everyone! I’m going to try and keep this quick. This post is about the newsletter I’ve just launched.

My life has changed SO much in the past month. I now live in Houston, Texas, most of my routine has drastically changed, and my cooking flavors are wildly different (I’m exploring more Tex-Mex vibes now!). To be honest, I’ve been feeling lazy AF so the blog and my overall creative process has been suffering. I’ve needed somewhere to channel all of that energy, so I created a food newsletter.


Epilepsy-inducing GIF of what my newsletter looks like.

I know you don’t come here to read about my personal life and you’re here for the food, so rest assured I got you.

Instead of updating the blog once a month (riiight), I’ve opted to start a bi-weekly newsletter where I share short recipes and other food stories. Would this be something that is of interest to you?

Why create a newsletter? Rather than creating a long essay type post with a very detailed recipe, I think it adds more value to my readers to create content that they can digest quicker. It’s also a better format. Nobody cares about my personal essay on why I made a pasta dish. You come here for the food. And that’s what my newsletter is going to be about: no frills, no bullshit, just straight up easy, quick recipes that are accessible to almost everyone to make. Everyone can cook and my goal is that I help you realize that this isn’t rocket science.

So, tell me, are you game but you’re not sure what you’d be getting into and would like to see what the newsletter is about?

Check out the first 4 volumes 👇🏽

What do you think? Let me know in the comments! Or just sign up here.

By the way! I will not use your email to send your ads or any other crap. Only food and probably a random joke or two.


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